Top 5 Reasons Why Every Small/Large Business Needs A Website

It’s 2019, why doesn’t your business have a website?

Just by not having a website, you’re already losing money. Consumers are researching what they are going to buy 88% of the time before purchasing online or offline. If your business doesn’t have a website, how will you attract those new customers searching for you?

It’s a little crazy to see studies that show that 46% of business owners said their “business currently doesn’t need one”. Especially when there could be 25.92 million people searching for businesses online.

Why doesn’t your business have a website?

The most common excuse to why businesses don’t have a website:

  1. Too Expensive
  2. Not Techy enough
  3. I don’t have time
  4. I have too much business right now

But the reality is you don’t need to spend a fortune or be tech-savvy to have a professional website. Web Design and SEO are great investments for any business, local, small, or gigantic. Having a professional web designer like ALC who can handle the bulk of the work will free up your time so you have zero worries about your online business. Just watch the new customers come in. There is also no such thing as too much business.

1. businesses with websites are more credible

In 2019, many consumers are very skeptic if your business doesn’t have a website. In a study, 56% of people surveyed said they won’t trust a business without a website.

Just by having a website, it makes your business more credible. Like in everything else, a first impression matters. A website is your digital first impression, so try to avoid cheap web designers or building on yourself if you’ve never built one before. If your competitors have a website, or a better-looking one, guess which one they will probably choose?

2. Not Having a website is costing your business money

Having a website not only can sell your services or products while you’re asleep, but it can also help convert your traffic into customers. If you set up your website to convert your web leads 24/7, you’ll be setting appointments or selling products while you’re away or better yet, sleeping. And don’t forget that 81% of people research a business or service online prior to making a purchase decision.

3. It’s Not That Expensive if you factor in how much you’re losing by not having a website.

Some website designers are great at helping you effectively create a website that will draw you traffic and make it easy for your clients to buy your services or products. If your website has been set up with the rules of SEO, you can be found to an even broader client base. Not having a website won’t give you any of the benefits of having one would. And don’t forget, creating a website is tax-deductible!

4. Brand yourself

Does your company have a clear cut brand or mission? A website can help your brand awareness to the general public online. Your website is just another face of your brand next to your social media profiles which are all just as valuable.

5. Websites also save you time!

Time is money, money is time. Think about all of the redundant calls, emails, or texts someone has about your business. “What time do you Close?”, “How Much Is ____”, or “Do you carry ____”? Most of these questions can be easily answered on your website, or in a F.A.Q. section that your customers can check before they contact you. Think about how much time you’ll save!

In Conclusion…in 2019, You Need a Website Regardless of what your business is.

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