Is Website Speed Important? Yes

Why Website Speed is Important

Yes, website speed is very important. Your page speed can determine how high or low you rank compared to your competitor’s websites. In fact, it can have a direct impact.

Think about this for a second: Say there are two of the same grocery stores near you, they have the same products, which one will you go to? The store that takes 5 minutes to get to, or 7 minutes? In this case, Google crawls your website with robots and your competitors and will also be crawled. They will determine which website loads faster and which is better optimized for mobile.

Free Website Speed Audit

Google Loves Speed

Whenever you google something, you go to a search results page. Think about how fast google shoots out results, it’s very fast. So your website needs to stay in the race of the world wide web by keeping up. If your website is slower than your competitors targeting the same keywords, you have a good chance of ranking after them. Google sees that whoever can give the answers to the googled keywords faster is better equipped to answer the user’s query.

Can website Speed Affect My Sales?

We believe there is a good case to make that having a slow website can ultimately affect your sales. Speed Sells. If you’re offering a service or product that they can get elsewhere for the near the same price. Customers will factor in their experience going through your website. Check out this study: 53% of mobile site visitors leave if it takes more than three seconds to load. If you’re losing close to 50% of your customers because of site speed, that’s almost 50% of your sales! I would call that a HUGE problem and something your business should fix asap.

Is Your Website speed slow?

Is Website Speed Important? Yes 1

There are a couple of tools that can check your website’s speed. Here’s how we fared:

As you can see, we’re pretty well optimized, sure there are a few things we can fix, you won’t find too many PERFECT websites out there. Being above average (73%) isn’t too bad, but we like to have our clients in the B+ or A range which will depend on what they ask for on their home page.

Are you interested in knowing what your website speed is at and if you’re well optimized? Fill out the form above and we can send you a screenshot of your website and an audit on how we can help improve your speed.

Allen Larson Creative can help design a high-performance website that is well optimized for mobile and lightning-fast. It also helps to be on a fast web hosting service. Once we design you a high-speed website, we can even host and maintain your site for a low monthly fee.

What About SEO?

What’s that? You thought that (SEO) search engine optimization was all about backlinks and H1 tags, and content?

Nope, Think again! Website speed is also part of search engine optimization. It’s best to refer to your local webdesign and seo experts for more information about ranking higher on google!

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